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Natural remedies for bladder infection


Many of us have been there fore: a urinary tract or bladder infection is uncomfortable, and will see most us run straight to the pharmacy or the doctor. The result? We consume antibiotics, or other synthetic medication to rid ourselves of the bacteria.

Antibiotics are by no means the only method with which we can combat the infection. There are other, simple and natural methods with which we can rid ourselves of the symptoms and the infection. The best part about opting for natural remedies is that we don’t have the annoying side effects from antibiotics – yeast infections, in women, for example, are relatively common.

Sick of taking medication? Then try these very simple and natural home remedies.

Drinking – consume as much water as you possibly can when you have the infection. This way you can try to flush your system.

Cranberry juice has been found to contain a component that prevents the bacteria in the bladder from attaching to the bladder walls, hence allowing the body to essentially wash out the bacteria. While earlier belief has stated cranberry juice to be counterproductive because of its high levels of us, many natural remedy experts swear by it. So drink as much as you can of it! BUT: please consume unsweetened cranberry juice. Cranberry extract tablets may also be consumed – some research has found these to be the most effective. Read more about cranberry juice consumption during infection at

Vitamin C – consume more of this while you have the bladder/urinary tract infection as it increases the acidity of the urine in your bladder. According to, this creates an unfavorable environment for the bacteria.

Irritant foods – avoid anything that is difficult for the body to digest or that will irritate the infection, writes. These include dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and carbonated drinks. You should also refrain from smoking. Make sure you rest.

Keep warm – apply heat to the lower abdomen and wear comfortable cotton underwear to keep the genital area warm – this is not only good for you, but will also slightly relieve symptoms of pain. Also, it is very important to keep your feet warm.

Homeopathy – there are several homeopathic remedies available. Some of the more popular remedies include echinacea, cantharis and sarsa parilla.  Click here to find out more about them.

Please remember that these are suggestions for a regular bladder/urinary tract infection with mild symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, do not improve, or you have chronic infections, it is important that you immediately seek medical advice. Untreated infections in the urinary system can lead to infections of the kidney, which can have severe consequences. Please see a doctor if you have any doubts or are unsure.

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