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It’s not just back pain


8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain. Although any age group can be affected, it is more common in the 30s to 40s and affects men more than women.

Back pain can be caused by:

Spinal deformities can also lead to back pain:

Many people suffer from slipped discs (also known as herniated, bulging, or prolapsed discs). This happens when ligaments that support and surround the “cushions” between the vertebrae start to weaken. These ligaments give way or tear open making the “cushions” squeeze out from between the vertebrae and press on nearby nerves, thus creating misalignment in the vertebrae. Pressure on the sciatic nerve (running from the lower back down the lower limb) causes sharp, shooting pains from the buttock down the leg to the foot, or from the neck across the shoulder and down one arm making the leg or arm feel weak and numb. This condition takes years to develop.

Back ache can be treated by:

Physical therapy, which strengthens muscles and prevents future strains, is also a good way to treat back pain. Instead of bed rest, limiting physical activities until the symptoms improve, then increasing the amount of movement gradually is now recommended. Upon improvement, swimming and walking are the best way to exercise. Neck, back, and leg exercises, massage, chiropractic attention, and acupuncture are also effective. Recovery takes approximately three months.

Singer Sir Paul McCartney and actors William Hurt and John Cleese rely on the Alexander Technique. This technique was developed by Australian actor F.M. Alexander to cure his back problem. It is a physical and psychological exercise, which aims to change an individual’s concentration, awareness and physical posture. Actors Jennifer Aniston and Patrick Swayze and singers Madonna and Tina Turner prefer Pilates, which increases flexibility and strengthens muscles.

Image attribution:, Wikimedia File:AMI back pain.png

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