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Hypertrichosis or 'Werewolf Syndrome'


Hypertrichosis or Ambras Syndrome is the description of a condition which causes extremely excessive hair growth about the body and face. Another term which has been given to it in the modern era is Werewolf Syndrome although people with Hypertrichosis do not generally suffer with clinical lycanthropy.

The abnormality comes in two variations; generalized Hypertrichosis which affects the entire body, and localized Hypertrichosis which only targets a specific area. It can be both congenital (from birth) or develop later in life.

The earliest recorded case was back in 1648 when Petrus Gonzales of the Canary Islands was documented by Altrovandus who noted that several family members of the family had Hypertrichosis which he later called the Ambras family after the castle in Innsbruck where portraits of the family were found. Only 50 cases have been recorded since then.

Classifications of Hypertrichosis

As stated before the two main types are generalized and localized, but there are other forms within those too such as:

The acquired variations are much the same but develop later in life as opposed to the individual being born with them. Leave a comment with your thoughts on Hypertrichosis. Read about clinical lycanthropy; Perigee moon; Eclipse; Prada Willi Syndrome and Progeria. images:;

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