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Eczema may be defined as a type of dermatitis, which is essentially a swelling or irritated skin. Eczema may produce rashes and other uncomfortable symptoms. A startling 10 to 20 percent of infants reportedly have eczema, although in most cases it will dissipate by the time the child is five years old.

It is estimated that about 10 percent of the U.S. population suffers from eczema.

Typical symptoms of eczema include the following:

The treatment of eczema make take many forms. Corticosteroids are commonly used. While they do no cure the skin disorder, they do downplay many of its symptoms. Many different types of steroids may be administered to suppress the symtoms of eczema. Antibiotics may also be prescribed as they will kill the bacteria causing the infection in the skin. Antihistamines may be prescribed to suppress the symptoms of extreme itching.

What you can do to avoid eczema:
The most important thing to do is to moisturize the skin. Skin that is adequately moisturized will not dry out as easily, and will prevent an onset of eczema. An important thing to consider here is to not use strong soaps, as these strip the skin of natural oils and will leave it dry. Doctor’s suggestions include using a soap-free cleanser for the skin, and soap that has a fat or oil base.

Some other tips to avoid getting eczema include:

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Celebrities who suffer from eczema include LeAnn Rimes.

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