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David Arquette enters rehab for help with depression and alcohol


According to news reports on Sunday night, actor and political activist, David Arquette, has checked into a rehab center to help deal with depression and related alcohol issues.

Currently estranged from his wife and screen co-star Courteney Cox, Arquette is no stranger to emotional difficulties and has in the past been under scrutiny for drug and alcohol problems, not to mention a public feud with Cox last year.

Former “Friends” star Courteney Cox, 46, and Arquette, 39, have been on a marital hiatus after their marriage exploded into the limelight midway through 2010. Cox has publicly stated that the couple have no intention of divorcing and although they still love each other deeply, they have not found a way to reconcile their differences yet.

The couple have been together for 11 years and have a daughter together.

Since the separation both have been romantically linked with other people, and Arquette has been particularly candid about his marital problems which have led to his subsequent sexual and drinking issues.

Courteney Cox has spoken of her support and admiration for her husband in trying to improve his life.

“I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life,” Cox is quoted as saying. “I love and support him.”

The couple met back in 1996 while on the set of the first horror / slasher flick, Scream, and in 1999 they were married.

Their careers seem to have moved in different directions with Cox enjoying ten years as neurotic, control freak, careerist Monica in Friends, while in contrast, David Arquette’s big screen career has seemingly stumbled since the third instalment of the Scream series.

He enjoyed some notoriety and critical acclaim after his role in the 2001 holocaust drama, The Grey Zone, but his work outside of the film industry has been more positive including a campaign to kick Texas oil barons out of LA, as well as ventures into fighting poverty and helping the homeless.

Although still separated in real life, the couple will be reunited on screen in April when the imaginatively titled Scream 4 hits the theaters.

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