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Breast cancer is not something only women should be aware of


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer and the second most deadly cancer for women (also after lung cancer). Breast cancer begins in the breast tissue, typically in the milk ducts or the lobules. There are many different types of breast cancer that measure differently in aggressiveness. Although breast cancer predominately occurs in women, about one percent of men suffer from it.

Women from the age of 20 onwards are encouraged to conduct so-called self-examinations at home to feel for any lumps and to observe whether any changes have occurred on or around the breast. When feeling around for lumps it is important to remember that the cancer may not solely becontained to the fat of the breast, and that lumps or bumps may be felt underneath the armpit as well as the collar bone As soon as a lump is located that feels different to the surrounding tissue it is best to consult a physician.

Some of the causes of breast cancer include:

Some symptoms of breast cancer may include:

Usual treatment of breast cancer involves medication (chemotherapy), radiation and surgery. A surgery may be conducted to remove only the tumor, or the entire breast (a mastectomy).

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Celebrities who have suffered from breast cancer include:

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