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Aviophobia: the fear of flying


Aviophobia find its roots from other phobias including fears of crowds, heights and enclosed spaces. Famous psychologist R. Reid Wilson once said: “People frighten themselves by thinking of the possibility of a problem during a flight. Instead, they must learn to think of the probability of a problem, which is extremely low”.

Celebrities who claim to suffer from aviophobia include Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Jessica Parker, Muhammad Ali, Billy Bob Thornton and Woody Allen.

Woody Allen, however, takes it to another level. The director and producer is known as the celebrity with most phobias that also reportedly include sunshine, dogs, children, heights, crowds, small rooms, deer, bright colors and more.

Jennifer Anniston is afraid of heights and flying. The Insider quotes the star as saying: “We became caught up in an electrical storm. And the Toronto to New York flight took two hours, which was twice the usual time,”

“Every time we flew over a field I hoped the pilot would decide to land, but he didn’t. What really scares me is the take-off. I’ve heard all about the aerodynamics, the speed, the engine — but I still get nervous”.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, also had a deep rooted fear of flying along with other phobias like of dogs, ghosts and interestingly, getting fat.

Making other people laugh might look easy but renowned actor and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has had a tough time with aviophobia. She did not plan any air travel for almost a decade but now she has overcome this fear with therapies like Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Billy Bob Thornton once revealed about his fear of flying in an interview. quotes the actor as saying: “I quit flying years ago. I don’t want to die with tourists.”

Celebrities who are plagued by their phobias include Justin TimberlakeChristina RicciWoody Allen and Billy Bob Thornton.


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