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Acupuncture as an anti-aging method


Acupuncture instead of botox? Alternative methods instead of facelifts? This may sound crazy to many, but acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine experts swear by it. So do celebrities.

How does it work? Essentially it is assumed that signs of age (like wrinkles, for example) are a result of what may be called a type of deficit in the body’s energy flow. If one inserts needles into the energy streams in the body, also known as meridians, the body’s energy flow (namely Qi) will flow better. This, according to the theory, means that blockages are released and the body’s cells are able to function properly.

The blood flow to the cells is also enhanced by doing so, which in turn stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the production of collagen as well as elastin. This all is meant to reverse the signs of age.

A study performed by the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture confirms that acupuncture is indeed a successful anti-aging method. The journal reported that 90 percent of those who participated in the study observed clear results, including clearer and fresher skin tone, less wrinkles and impurities. According to the philosophy of clinical acupuncture, signs of age in the face can also be because of weaknesses in an individual’s body. For example, a pale, unhealthy skin tone can mean there is a severe imbalance of Ying and Yang in the body. The face will only have a fresh and healthy appearance if Ying and Yang are perfectly harmonized and in sync.

Patients of acupuncture include Gwyneth Paltrow – who actually uses acupuncture as an anti-aging method, Sharon Stone, who uses it to combat migraines, and Mel C (of former Spice Girl fame) used acupuncture to battle depression.

In order to attain results from acupuncture, one must usually go 10 to 15 times, unless prescribed differently. While external results may not be visible at first, patients usually feel internal changes immediately.

The best thing about acupuncture as an anti-aging method? It has no side effects.

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