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Vegetarian diet


Vegetarians lead healthy and more disease and stress free lives than any others. They are usually the ones who stay away from foods like eggs, fish, meat, chicken and seafood. Because they survive largely on foods that have a vegetable origin, vegetarians usually do not suffer from diseases like cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and obesity. Vegetarians can be classified into different genres including:

The vegetarian way of living, to many vegetarians, is the key to healthy living. Eating green leafy vegetables, nutritious fruits and other healthy foods will keep you away from various health hazards and will strengthen your immune system. Following are some of the clinically proven benefits of being a vegetarian, which allows a person to remain fit and happy

Avoiding animal fats is also a huge help in achieving weight loss, as is cooking healthy food like homemade vegetable soup.

Celebrity vegetarians include Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer and Anne Hathaway.

Other effective diets include the Spectrum dietSugar BustersVolumetrics diet and the Ultra Metabolism diet.

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