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The Weight Watchers way to lose weight


Established in 1960, Weight Watchers is a company offering various health solutions and programs like regular meetings, learning sessions, group support and effective point system. According to WebMD, under the Weight Watcher’s program, dieters aim for a body mass index between 20 and 25 and analyse the body weight accordingly.

Weight Watchers works on the principle of support network, which is considered to be the best way for long terms and short-term success of weight loss. Weight Watchers grew from a small group to a world famous name in weight loss programs. One of the interesting features is the point system wherein certain points are allocated to each food item. For all those who do not want to forego their craze for fried or junk food, Weight Watchers offers the best programs to lose weight: you simply have to stay within your points and still you can still succumb to your guilty pleasures. This kind of weight loss program helps people to stay in control of their eating habits while learning the art of smart food choice.

Working on four basic principles of eating smarter, moving more, getting support and developing better habits, Weight Watchers offers smart eating options without any restrictions. Following are some of the examples of points attached to each food items:

This unique point system helps dieters to make healthier food choices and each member has a target daily points range based on their body weight and activity level. Weight Watchers works on completely different principle where people learn various tactics to fight hunger with a calorie- controlled eating plan. After the dieter reaches the optimum weight level, he enters the maintenance period of six weeks. Keeping members connected to each other and to support staff is a reason behind Weight Watcher’s success.

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