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The Volumetrics Diet


The Volumetrics Diet plan stresses the importance of filling up on low-density food with high water content instead of eating less and depriving yourself. In this plan, it is significant to consume a certain volume of food rather than the number of calories consumed. This theory helps dieters lose weight. It aims at satisfying your hunger by allowing you to eat more of low calorie food. This unique diet does not ban any food items but ask the dieters to analyze the food on their energy level.

The dieters are advised to consume fruits and vegetables, which are rich in water content, because it provides the sense of satiety as other foods, and leave you feeling full for a while. If you choose less energy dense food, you can eat more and get fewer calories. Some of the low-density foods include:

In the Volumetrics Diet you are not permitted to consume cookies, chips, chocolates, nuts, oils and butter. It is advisable to consume fruits comprising of 80% to 95% of water. This diet emphasizes on eating lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and limits the fat intake. Sensible and not so stringent, the Volumetrics Diet is easy to follow for an extended time period and can be altered depending on personal choices. Some of the key aspects of the diet are as follows:

Under this plan, make sure to fill the food with fiber and high content of protein along with soups, stews, low fat products and salads. The simple trick is to choose foods that are stomach filling with their water content and not consuming fried and oily food items.


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