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The Sonoma Diet


The Sonoma diet is a plan that gives the dieter the freedom to eat anything of choice and offers a fun way of losing weight. The Sonoma Diet plan offers a flavorful way of eating and draws from the influences of the Mediterranean diet and the South Beach Diet.

The concept of the Sonoma Diet has been formulated keeping in mind the lifestyle of the people staying in Sonoma Valley in California. The key features of this diet include enjoyment of food, gourmet cooking and moderate portion sizes. Under the Sonoma Diet every meal is about a celebration if right foods are consumed in right amounts. This weight loss program consists of three stages known as waves wherein the first wave is a more restrictive period of ten days where the main focus is to stay away from sugary and fatty foods. The second wave is a primary weight loss stage where there is no calorie counting or special recommendations except creating appropriate portions of daily meals followed by third wave which is more of a weight management phase.

In the first phase of the Sonoma Diet, the dieters are allowed to consume whole grains, cereals, eggs, low-fat dairy products and nuts. This interesting diet plan appeals to many dieters because of no restrictions and after the induction stage, nothing is forbidden including sweets and wine. The Sonoma diet is all about delicious eating with a long list of flavourful food. The dieter has wide food options to choose from like fruits, vegetables and fish along with the following ten power foods:

The Sonoma Diet works on its ‘plate and bowl’ concept which focuses on use of 7-inch plates and 2-cup bowls for meals. It is the easiest diet plan without the hassles of calculating the calorie intake.

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