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The Raw Food Diet


The Raw Food Diet paves the way to perfect health by promoting a healthy diet consisting of uncooked and unprocessed organic food for clearer skin, leaner body and higher energy levels. Also known as raw foodism, this diet plan involves consumption of plant-based food. As part of this diet regimen, three quarters of the food intake must consist of raw food that does not include any kind of animal based food. There are four broad categories of raw foodism including

According to raw foodists, consumption of raw and uncooked food will help in weight loss and also in stabilising the lost weight. A habit of eating raw food can help in fighting chronic diseases and strengthens the immune system. The ideal Raw Food Diet consists beans, grains, legumes, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, and sun dried fruits along with meat, fish and eggs.

It is important to note that food for raw food dieters is prepared in a special manner. These include soaked nuts, dried fruits and sprouting grain. It is considered as an ideal way of dieting to enhance overall health along with weight loss. The benefits of a raw food diet include better skin, more energy, sustained weight loss and better blood test results. This diet is more of a lifestyle rather than a strict diet plan.

Supermodel Carol Alt swears by the raw food diet.

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