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The New Beverly Hills Diet


When it was launched initially, it was a 42-day program with endless restrictions. But the new diet plan forgoes many of those restrictions. This diet works on a unique principle that focuses on chemical reactions in the body.

Certain fruits have varied chemical reactions in the body, which helps in reducing weight, burning off the fat and cleaning the body. Some of these include papaya, pineapple and watermelon. According to the creator of the New Beverly Hills Diet, it is not about how much you are eating, it is about what you are eating in combination. The focus here is that the combination of foods taken together need to be balanced, rather than counting the calories. Reasons for weight gain are far more than just unhealthy or imbalanced eating habits. The inefficiency of some foods to be digested easily is the main reason for gaining weight.

In the New Beverly Hills Diet, proteins should be combined with proteins, carbohydrates with carbohydrates and fruit stands alone. The dieters should kick-start their day by consuming lots of fruits like pineapple, strawberries, watermelon or grapes. There has to be a gap of an hour in between consuming two different fruits. The combination of foods needs to be perfect with 80% of protein throughout the day. Some of the tips on selecting right food group are as follows:

The New Beverly Hills Diet allows fruit consumption for the first ten days followed by carbohydrates till the nineteenth day. Only after that may the dieter consume proteins. This diet is best suited for the people who thrive on lot of fruits and are ready to take fruits as a main part of their diet.

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