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The French Women Don’t Get Fat diet


The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is all about eating for pleasure, staying slim and making intelligent and wise eating choices. It works on the premise of eating good food but in smaller portions. It is a lifestyle-changing process with no long-run diet plans, which allows your body to stay slim, trim and in good shape. This French style diet lays emphasis on variety of foods, which can be included in breakfast, lunch and dinner. The break up is as follows:

The first three months of the diet involves retaining your taste buds and adjusting them according to your mental and emotional attitude towards food. This helps in identifying the problem food areas and can be modified accordingly. The basic principle of avoiding restaurant food, which is rich in salt, sugar and fats is recommended as part of the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet. This diet focuses on eating small portion of a chocolate rather than a dozen of candies in order to satisfy your taste buds with lesser amounts. Benefits from this diet are as follows:

To sum up in simple words, the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, breads, cereals, wide variety of spices and seasoning, herbal tea and plenty of water

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