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Sugar Busters Diet


Some of the factors responsible for weight gain include rise in blood glucose and high insulin growth. Sugar Busters is essentially a diet that eliminates sources of sugar and other glycemic carbohydrates in order to reduce the insulin levels.  This ultimately helps in losing the weight. According to the creators, additional exercise will not prove helpful if it is accompanied by food high on sugar levels. Some of the recommended food as part of the Sugar Busters Diet is as follows:

While on this diet, dieters are not allowed to eat carrots, baked beans, pasta, white bread, potatoes, raisins, corn, bananas and fried chicken. The only carbohydrates allowed are stone-ground grains and some fruits. The basic diet balance of 30% protein, 40% fat and 30% carbohydrates must be adhered to at all times. Sugar is viewed as the product that prevents weight loss. This diet plan works for many people by doing away with refined sugars like molasses, corn syrup, sugared sodas, glucose and beer.

In the Sugar Busters Diet, it is advisable to eat high-fiber vegetables and fruits. If you want to drink alcohol, choose red wine. Grill or bake the meat in oil with low saturated fats like canola. Under this plan, fruit is preferred over fruit juice and should be eaten half an hour before the meal.


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