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Part One: The ten best celebrity diets


What are celebrities doing to stay in such great shape? In this two-part series we reveal how the A-listers get those enviable red carpet bodies.

1. The New York Diet

How does it work?

The three main pillars of this eight-week program are diet, sport and discipline. The aim of the first phase is to shed a considerable amount of weight. Bread, sugar, alcohol, dairy products, coffee, fruit and fat are all no-goes at this point. On the menu are are vegetables, salad, fish and low fat meat. Two meals are replaced by protein shakes. In phase two and three, fat and carbohydrates are slowly introduced to the eating plan. And there’s a daily work out.

The success factor?

High – but because the calorie intake is so low dieters may not get enough nutrients.


Celebrities who swear by this diet, invented by fitness expert David Kirsch, include Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler. His book “The Ultimate New York Body Plan” is a best seller, and is also available as a DVD.

2. The Atkins Diet

How does it work?

The bad news: Sugar, alcohol, fruit, bread, potatos and pasta are off limits. Carbohydrates have no place in this diet. The good news: fat and protein are allowed, which means that Atkins dieters can tuck into things like fish, steak, eggs and even mayonnaise!

The success factor?

Good – if you throw exercise into the mix! Because when the body doesn’t get any carbohhydrates, it starts using up the fat reserves.

Who still follows this old timer?

Jennifer Aniston and best friend Courtney Cox stay trim with the Atkins Diet, as do Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angelina Jolie.

3. Dr. Joshi’s Holistic Detox

How does it work?

This point of this three-week fasting plan, devised by celebrity doctor Nish Joshi, is to eliminate toxins from the body. Wheatgrass juice is in and out are coffee, almost all dairy produts, potatos, fruit (besides bananas), tomatos, mushrooms, alcohol, sweets and red meat.

The success rate?

If you can stick it out, you will stay in top form. And apparently there are no hunger pangs involved in this diet!

Who follows this diet?

Victoria Beckham just recently enlisted Dr Joshi to come up with a special program for her and Mr. Big star Chris Noth shed the pounds following this detox plan. Gwynneth Paltrow is another fan of detoxing.

4. Weight Watchers

How does it work?

“Lose weight without dieting” is the Weight Watchers slogan. It works using a point system and dieters are allowed to decide for themselves what they are going to eat during the course of the day, so long as the maximum number of points (worked out according to one’s weight) is not exceeded.

The success rate?

Jennifer Hudson, 29, dropped down 5 dress sizes and says: “It’s not a diet, it’s really a way of living that teaches you better skills.For years I felt like I could never have ice cream, but I can eat ice cream occasionally now!” You can read her Weight Watchers blog here.

How much does the program cost?

The sign-up fee is $29.95 and the montly fee is $17.95. For more information visit

5. Neuro Trim Drink Diet

What’s in it?

L-Carnitin (turns fat into energy), caffeine for the metabolism, konjac root (fills you up), an ayurvedic plant extract (to keep those hunger pangs at bay), and grapes and green tea to stimulate the fat-burning process.

Success rate?

The drink functions as an appetite suppressant, which is why it should be consumed about half an hour before you eat. The konjac fiber temporarily swells to more than 200 times its actual size upon consumption, making you feel full. Of course it is important to follow a healthy eating plan in combination with this drink. Celebrity fans include Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne.

Where can you get the drink?

It can be ordered online from and costs $36.99 for 12 bottles.

Other effective diets include the South Beach diet, Sugar BustersVolumetrics diet and the Ultra Metabolism diet.

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