Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liason diet is not a Scientology front

Kirstie Alley is no stranger to dieting and has been a practicing Scientologist for 30 years. So perhaps it is only natural to suspect that her new weight loss initiative, called Organic Liason, might somehow be connected to her beliefs.

Indeed, it might be coincidental that the Organic Liason headquarters are in the same city, indeed  the same building as those of Scientology, The Buzz points out. Among Alley’s executive team are prominent Scientologists such as Michelle Seward, Thomas Lovejoy, Anne Archer, Saul Lipson and Kelly Preston – the wife of Scientology champion John Travolta. Although this is seemingly coincidence too.


In fact, Alley claims that merely 10% of her company is made up of Scientologists. The 59-year-old felt an urge to speak out about the accusations and told People:

“That I would need to clarify or defend the intentions or affiliations of my LLC business corporation in the year 2010 is indicative of the intolerances that we as a country still need to overcome.”

Kirstie Alley's new diet Organic Liason advocates eating organic food

Alley, who formerly claimed losing weight helped her quit smoking, was reportedly dismayed by her confrontation on the Today Show, where presenter Meredith Vieira asked the star outright whether or not the diet was connected to Scientology, given its base address and the number of Scientologist company directors.

“It’s not true. It’s not true,” Alley assured Vieira. “I’m the top executive. The address in Clearwater is my accountant, and he’s a Scientology Jew. I don’t know what to say to it.”

“Here’s the deal: if I wanted this to be a scientology company exclusively, I would have made it that way,” she later told People. “And I would have told the world ‘This is the first-ever Scientology whatever!’ I have nothing against doing that.”

Organic Liason claims to be a brand new and innovative approach to dieting. Members are encouraged to take weight loss supplements and eat more organic products. They also receive 24 hour support and guidance, such as recipes, meal plans and organic grocery store finders, to help them achieve their goal.

Celebrities who have experienced problems with their weight include TV presenter Russell Brand, beauty queen Kirsten Haglund, Oprah Winfrey and actresses Tracey Gold and Stephanie Pratt.

3 thoughts on “Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liason diet is not a Scientology front

  1. Of course it’s a Scientology front, all the Scientology OSA have been patrolling the internet to deny that it is.

  2. If Kirstie Alley’s company is a member of WISE (which it most likely is as she is a Scientologist who wants to be “upstat”) it is a Scientology Front, even if what it is selling (to its customers) has nothing at all to do with Scientology.

    WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) provides a business management system based on Scientology teachings. All member companies pay membership, licensing fees, and a commission on their income to WISE. WISE then in turn passes much of their income to the Scientology organizations above it in the Church heirarchy.

    All WISE companies force their employees to study Scientology, first the part of Scientology related to management and “statistics,” but the ultimate goal of WISE is to get all employees paying (or slaving) for Scientology processing “up the Bridge.”

  3. according to the TV show Peggy Crawford is the CEO
    thats another pay check going to a Scientoligist.

    the truth is Scientologists don’t play nice with others.

    the truth is Kirstie had donated millions of dollars to Scientology
    Opening up a Scientology missions in her old home town.of Wichita KS and donating $5 million dollars for the superpowers building in Clearwater
    starting a Scientology Backed Charity “Call Out” in the early 90s that failed miserably.

    Kirstie is a major sponsor of Narconon ,Scientologys drug treatment and recruitment program

    Kirstie is far from cheap..when it comes to giving money to her church

    Read her divorce papers on Smoking Gun .com
    she is an extravagant spender and his given ridicules amounts of $$$ to Scientology.

    the reason Scientology Celebs deny thing like this is because the truth is unpopular..

    Scientologist following Organic Liaison make up a disproportionate percentage of Phitter followers and they all want to be your chubby buddy.

    even Jim Hazel’s Kirsties Chubby Buddy on the show wife Kristi Curtis Hazel is a Scientologist.

    Nancy Cartwright did the animation voices for the OL web site.Shes a Scientologist
    Nancy Gave $10 million dollars to help Scientology combat its critics.

    Scientology stalks its critics..uses Child Labor in its elite sea org, forces family’s to disconnect. and is an abuser of human rights.

    Scientology is a bait and switch pyramid scam

    why support it.

    buyer beware.

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