Pfizer holds diabetes awareness workshops

Pfizer holds diabetes awareness workshops

Dubai, 4 hours, 36 minutes

Pfizer, the leading pharmaceutical company, organised diabetic foot awareness workshops in association with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and local and international experts in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Globally, 40 per cent to 60 per cent of all lower extremity amputations are performed in patients with diabetes. The peripheral neuropathy comes on top of many components leading to the Diabetic Foot ulceration which makes the early examination of the Diabetic Foot the key of protecting it from complications such as ulcerations and amputations especially that the prevalence of diabetes in UAE could exceed 18.7 per cent.

It is recommended globally that every diabetic patient should be screened annually for DPN using the simple examination tools.

Dr Ahmad Ibrahim Kalban, CEO of the Primary Health Care Sector at the DHA: “DHA welcomes the initiatives which are aimed to fight and reduce the burden of chronic diseases. Patients with diabetes may be at risk of developing foot problems as Diabetic foot poses significant health economic and social problems and can lead to serious complications in its later stages leading to foot ulcer and amputation in diabetic patients.”

“In collaboration with Pfizer we are here today to focus on the diabetic foot and to enlighten doctors about the significance of early screening. It is imperative that foot risk-status is identified and discussed with patients to ensure their full understanding of its implication and potential complications.

“Due to the comprehensive plans as well as the awareness and treatment programs that have been implemented across the UAE as part of strong strategies, the UAE has succeeded to be excluded from the top 10 list of highest diabetes prevalence countries around the world where it was before the second,” he added.

Dr Muna Al Kuwari, director of Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health (MOH), said: “Diabetes prevalence in UAE is considerably high. The diabetic foot is very sensitive and the awareness program about the early screening of the diabetic foot falls in accordance with our strategies in UAE which aim to educate doctors about diseases, and even health providers and educators, according to their specialty.

“The social partnership with Pfizer brought in the niche speakers who have held educational workshops across Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an objective to educate the majority of hospitals and doctors about the diabetic foot. The results would definitely reduce the socio-economic impact of this disease.”

Dr Mohamed Farghaly, acting director Health Affair Sector at the DHA said: “The Emirates is among the highest prevalence of diabetes countries in the world. The burden of this disease is alarming with some physicians not observing certain disease impacts such as on the diabetic foot.

“The early diagnosis is imperative to ensure a much more effective treatment and Pfizer awareness program provides an opportunity for diabetes experts to meet and share experiences and best plans for patients and society care.”

Dr Yasser El Dershaby, medical director of Pfizer in the Gulf Levant markets said: “The awareness workshops about the Diabetic Foot are another initiative from Pfizer to reiterate the company’s commitment to its values of quality and collaboration with the local Emirati community.”

“Among the causes that interact and ultimately result in diabetic foot ulceration are the neuropathy, vascular impairment and trauma.

“In order to identify those patients at risk of foot problems and to prevent such complications, it is essential to know and implement simple practical tools for foot examination for every diabetic patient; this fits well the purpose of organizing the Diabetic Foot workshops in UAE. It is important to emphasize the vitality of early examination and diagnosis of neuropathic pain in each diabetic patient,” he concluded. – TradeArabia News Service

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