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Bret Michaels and his life with diabetes


bret micheals in poison

Bret Michaels has been called many things in his time and the former Poison frontman is most definitely considered a sex symbol to female rock fans the world over. The ‘glam’ rock star also had three stints on VH1s ‘Rock of Love with Bret Michaels’ where he basically offered himself up as a prize to the right woman.

But behind the rock stardom, TV shows and all round celebrity status, Michaels has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for most of his life and the effects of it were evident during the show. During a one-on-one date with a contestant he was collapsing in his seat, something viewers initially thought was due to alcohol.

bret michaels at the country music awards

Type 1 diabetes is when the body’s immune system attacks beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin after food has been ingested. Insulin is designed to transport the glucose (sugar) from the food into cells all over the body. The sugar is a source of energy which allows the cells to continue functioning properly.

Someone suffering with Type 1 diabetes does not produce insulin and therefore has too much sugar in the blood. An electronic medical record [EMR] allows Type 1 diabetes sufferers to track their treatment, blood sugar levels, etc and carry out regular insulin injections.

Bret Michaels live

Bret Michaels speaks openly about his illness and makes a concerted effort to balance his rockstar lifestyle with the disease. He works out everyday and follows a strict diet to keep himself healthy and the disease in check. He also has to inject himself three times a day with insulin and has the required equipment needed to check his blood sugar levels.

He was six years old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes but he hasn’t allowed the illness to stand in his way at all..

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