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Zsa Zsa rushed to hospital


Zsa Zsa Gabor is back in hospital after having been released only a few days earlier. The 93-year-old actress, who is partially paralyzed, fell out of her bed on July 17, and received hip replacement surgery. The actress proceeded to stay in hospital for several weeks after encountering complications after the operation. We reported that it was possible Zsa Zsa may have suffered a stroke during the surgery.

Yesterday Zsa Zsa was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital with an ambulance after further apparent complications to do with her operation. Reports claim Zsa Zsa was in “excruciating” pain at home before being taken to the hospital.

“Zsa Zsa was complaining about pain from her hip, which upon inspection, it was discovered she was bleeding,” her publicist, John Blanchette, told

Zsa Zsa will remain at the hospital for further treatment. Further details of her condition are not known at this time.

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