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Zsa Zsa Gabor released from hospital


Zsa Zsa Gabor has received a clean bill of health and is celebrating her 94th birthday at home.

But according to her husband her condition was much worse than previously known. Prince Frederic von Anhalt told TMZ that Gabor had “full blown pneumonia” and that doctors did not feel optimistic about whether or not she would make it.

Prince Frederic said he was given option of pumping her with a lot of antibiotics or putting her on a respirator. They chose the antibiotics, which cleared up the infection and brought her blood pressure and temperature back to normal. She can also breathe well again and she’s “back to her normal self.”

Gabor was scheduled to leave UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center Sunday at 11 o’clock in the morning, her 94th birthday. The Prince says he is buying her a cake and the nursing staff is planning to sing her “Happy Birthday.”

Hungarian-born Zsa Zsa Gabor is most famous for movie roles in films like ‘Lili’ and ‘The Story of Three Loves’. She is also a famous socialite and beauty queen. Zsa Zsa has been married a whopping nine times, and has been Prince Frederic’s wife since 1986.

She has spent the past few months in and out of hospital. In July, she underwent hip replacement surgery after having a fall, this apparently led to complications and there were rumours Gabor had had a stroke. In August, just days after being released, she was taken back to hospital with apparently “excruciating” pain in her hip. It was then also discovered that she was bleeding.

Just a couple of days later, it was reported that she had had two blood clots removed from her chest, one of which was very close to her heart and that a priest had visited her at the hospital and administered her last rites. In the meantime, Prince Frederic was not coping well at all with his wife’s condition and collapsed due to exhaustion and lack of sleep.

In September, the socialite was back in A&E after being found “unresponsive” by her husband and in January things looked even worse. Doctors are said to have warned Gabor that she would die unless she underwent surgery to amputate the leg above the knee. She is said to have been “screaming and yelling” in protest as she wanted to be home for her traditional New Year’s Eve celebration.

Now we have found out that on top of everything, the screen siren suffered from a bout of near-fatal pneumonia. Here’s wishing Zsa Zsa a very happy 94th and fingers crossed she will not be seeing any more hospital beds in the near future.

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