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Zsa Zsa Gabor gets last rites in hospital bed


Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed to hospital on Thursday after complaining of chest pains, and underwent surgery to remove two blood clots – one of which was close to her heart. While she was talking and reportedly recovering fine on Saturday, her condition was significantly worse on Sunday. So much so, she asked a priest to come.

A priest administered Zsa Zsa her last rights on Sunday at her hospital bed at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

“She asked for the priest this morning,” the LA Times quotes her publicist John Blanchette as saying. “The priest came in and gave last rites.”

According to reports, Zsa Zsa is currently on a feeding tube, and barely responsive. Doctors are going to try to get her to eat without the feeding tube on Monday, Blanchette reported.

“That’s the only hope,” he said.

The 93-year-old was recovering from a broken hip she sustained don July 17 after falling out of bed, and remained in hospital for three weeks recovering until she was released on Wednesday.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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