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Zac Efron’s drastic transformation for new film role as a marine


Zac Efron has left his High School Musical pretty boy image behind him and buffed up for his role as a marine in the Iraq war. Goodbye shaggy locks and boyish charm and hello rugged, manly sex appeal.

The 23-year-old hottie shaved off his lovely locks and is now sporting a buzz cut, and on top of that, he’s carrying an extra 18 pounds of muscle, all in the name of acting.

Speaking of his weight gain, he told E! Online: “I was just eating, eating and eating.” And judging by his beefed up physique, he was also grinding it out at the gym.

What a relief it must be for his countless fans to know that his drastic hair cut and weight gain has nothing to do with a broken heart following his break-up with Vanessa Hudgens. In fact, there are already rumors making the rounds that the two of them are back together again…

No, Zac’s transformation was solely for his role in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One.  He wrapped a 10-week filming shoot just before Christmas in New Orleans.

Are you loving the look, or are you hoping he’ll slim down again to his former self and grow nack his luscious locks?

Zac Efron recently walked away with the award for hte Most Popular Star under 25. Read more about the People’s Choice Award here.

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