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Wynonna Judd and her “severe dependency” on food


Wynonna Judd is a well-known American country music singer whose eating disorder kept her under scrutiny by the media. The Kentucky-born singer battled weight issues for most of her life, and came to realize that her depency on food and her eating habits took a toll on her life: she claims she lacked energy, and wanted to put an end to the same routine she had lived by.

She candidly discussed on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ 2004, what she described as “a severe dependency of food”. Her new goal was to find the root of her dependency on food, and to overcome it.

Wynonna’s problems did not end there. In 2006 she entered into Shades of Hope Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas to fight her food addiction. According to an interview she had on with CNN’s Larry King, she lost 30 pounds during her rehabilitation for her addiction to food. “I just didn’t want to come into 2006 like I had so many years of just being so tired… I just wasn’t able to really take care of myself like I needed to and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. (Going into rehab) was like going to college and learning why it is such an addiction,” she said in the interview. “I learned about myself, why I do the things I do. We are so distracted by so much in life. I slowed down to a pace where I could think thoughts, feel things.”

Talking about her weight issues and her decision to enter a rehabilitation centre, Wynonna told, “It was consuming a lot of my life. I mean I felt like — I mean food to me is what alcohol is to the alcoholic and the struggles up and down. You know the business. One minute you’re number one. The next minute you’re number zero. And I had just been using food for every emotion I had. If I was joyful, we’d go out to eat. You know how it is when you have kids. It’s all about snacks and food and carrying it with me on the road. And it became too much, so I did something about it.”

Wynonna in February 2010

In 2009 she became a celebrity spokesperson for Alli diet pills, an over the counter weight loss drug. But instead of just taking the weight loss pills before eating food, she says she’s setting a good example for her children, and others who want to lose weight, in which she claims she’s taking the weight loss slow, is exercising regularly and doesn’t want the pressure of getting an ideal figure to affect her.

Wynonna Judd is a powerful vocalist with five Grammy’s and twenty Billboard number one hits. She was half of the duo The Judds; the other member was her mother. Now Wynonna has decided to be a healthy and great example for her kids emphasizing the importance of exercise in daily routine.

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