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Wyclef Jean hospitalized following weeks of stress


According to the, Wyclef Jean has been hospitalized at an undisclosed location. The Grammy Award winner was suffering from stress and checked into a hospital last weekend. His representative released a statement saying that Wyclef is suffering from stress and fatigue as a result of the last eight weeks of his hectic schedule.

In August the hip hop singer placed a bid for Haiti’s presidency but it ended last week, says a report published in The reason is not yet known, although it is being presumed that he did not meet the constitutional requirements, one of which is living in Haiti. The 37-year-old was born on the outskirts of the capital of Haiti and is currently living in New Jersey, although he was brought up in New York

According to his representative, he will be released from the hospital this week. A new album by Wyclef Jean will soon be released.

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