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Witness claims Dr. Murray delayed calling 911


Damning evidence has been presented at the trial at which Dr. Conrad Murphy, Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, is facing involuntary manslaughter charges. A witness yesterday accused the doctor of tampering with evidence, after declaring Dr. Murray only allowed for paramedics to be called after various drug vials were stashed away.

Michael Jackson’s logistics director Alberto Alvarez claims when he entered the King of Pop’s room, Dr. Murray was performing CPR with only one hand, and asked him to pack away any drug vials, the NYDailyNews reports. According to the witness, paramedics were only called after Dr. Murray had concealed all of the drugs.

Dr. Murray had admitted to waiting 20 – 30 minutes before calling 911; his version is, though, that he didn’t know the address of Jackson’s residence, and it took him a while to reach a staff member who could tell him.

Michael Jackson was declared dead at a Los Angeles hospital on June 25 after two hours of failed resuscitation attempts. Jackson died of a homicide due to an overdose of propofol.

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