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Will and testament: Elizabeth Edward’s revenge on cheating husband


Just days before losing her battle with breast cancer, Elizabeth Edwards cut her cheating husband — former presidential candidate John Edwards — out of her will, leaving everything to her three daughters.

Elizabeth’s oldest daughter, 28-year-old Catherine, was named executor of the will, which was signed on 1 December. John was not mentioned in the document at all, despite — as the Daily Mail reports —  his work as a trial lawyer generating the family’s estimated $25m fortune.

“All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death I give and bequeath to my children,” the will reads.

In 2008, months after withdrawing from the presidential race, John publicly admitted to having an affair and fathering a child with a campaign aid. Elizabeth and John announced their separation at the beginning of last year, after 32 years of marriage.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2004  and the subsequent fight against the disease remained public.  She became an activist for women’s health care and all sufferers of cancer. In March 2007 she announced that her cancer had developed to stage IV and in December 2010 doctors ended all treatment.

According to the American Cancer Society, women with an initial diagnosis of stage IV — metastitic — cancer have a five-year survival rate, with only one in five women surviving beyond five years.

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