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Worst celebrity diets of the year


Lady Gaga's meaty butt

With Christmas over, we’ve almost reached that time of year where like thousands of others we try to desperately transform our wobbly post-festive season bodies into something that almost resembles a human body.

Because we’re quite a silly bunch we will often look to celebrities and their magic diets for guidance on how we can transform our formless bodies and once again look at our reflections without tears.

We all want the magic pill, we all want to lose several kilos a week, transforming ourselves in under a month, and it’s possible, but it’s most definitely not sensible.

Sian Porter, a consultant dietician says: “Sadly, there is no magic wand you can wave. There is no wonder diet you can follow without some nutritional or health risk and most are offering a short-term fix to a long term problem.

“It may be obvious, but if you want to lose weight you need to eat a nutritionally balanced and varied diet with appropriately sized portions and burn off more calories that you consume. In short speak, eat fewer calories, make better choices and move a bit more.

“If you have some weight you need to lose, then do it in a healthy, enjoyable and sustainable way.

“In the long term this will achieve the results you are after.”

Here are some of the silliest celebrity diets you can try, if you are adverse to following a sensible diet as outlined above:

The Blood Group Diet

Celebrity fans: Cheryl Cole

This diet claims that different nutrients are broken down in the body based on the body’s blood type.

For example, those who fall into blood Group A should stick to a mostly vegan diet meaning no meat or dairy products. If you have blood Group B you may be able to tolerate some dairy produce. Blood Group AB means you can eat a combination of diets A and B. If you have blood Group O then you can eat lots of meat but no dairy, wheat, or grains.

The BDA verdict: Cutting out foodgroups is never a good idea. This diet could lead to deficiencies such as calcium. The reason for losing weight on this diet is essentially because your calorie intake is so restricted. Silly.

The Maple Syrup Diet

Celebrity fans: Naomi Campbell and Beyonce Knowles.

This consists of drinking lots of maple syrup mixed with lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. This combo apparently boosts your metabolism and is supposed to be drunk in huge quantities throughout the day, leaving your calorie intake ridiculously low at 600 calories or below.

BDA Verdict: Dangerous and boring. This diet has no nutritional value as far as protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals are concerned. A diet with so few calories will leave you struggliing to function properly and should never be followed without medical supervision. Very silly.

Cabbage Soup / Fat-Burning Soup Diet

Celebrity fans: Sarah Michelle Gellar

The cabbage soup diet involves living on a diet largely consisting of cabbage soup and is based on faux-science.

BDA verdict: It is nutritionally lacking and not sustainable. Weight loss will be due to water loss and, no surprise here: restricted calories. Getting wind is another feature of this wacky diet. Smelly and silly.

So our advice to you is ignore the silly celebrities and their impossible diets. Thank the lord you don’t have to appear on the red carpet and eat healthily and exercise a little. Secretly, they wish they could be like you.

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