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Kelly Osbourne nearly had a gastric surgery


Kelly Osbourne before and after

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, famous for being chubby, loud mouthed and obnoxious  has been gracing the pages of all the kinds of glossy magazines you’d expect the ex-goth to hate – most recently in nothing but a bikini for the cover of girly health mag – Shape.

The outspoken star has publicly battled with the bulge for most of her life and in addition has been in and out of rehab for drug addiction.

“I got really fat, because I stopped doing drugs. I had just gotten out of rehab and I had been living in America again,” she told Piers Morgan’s show recently.

“I was actually living with my parents again because I didn’t feel like I was ready to live by myself, and I got the offer to Dancing with the Stars.”

As soon as she started working on the dance show, she began seriously shedding pounds due to the physically demanding work involved. But then she went on to say: “I was too scared to do all that. I went to a doctor about having a gastric band because that is what my Mum did and I asked my mum to take me.

“I was just too terrified to do it. I thought it would make me miserable if I did have it because you can’t eat anything, five bites and then you are full.

“Where’s the fun in that? It’s boring.”

Gastric surgery involves a surgical procedure where a band is fitted around the upper part of the stomach in order to restrict the amount of food it is possible to consume. It’s mainly considered a last resort procedure for people who are morbidly obese as it is a quick way of losing weigth due to the limited amount of food it is possible to take in.

Congratulations to the celebrity daughter for choosing a natural way of losing weight instead of going under the knife.

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