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Was Madonna’s collapse real?


Pop legend Madonna is as fit as an athlete, according to her personal trainers. Yet her recent performance in Sofia, Bulgaria, left fans and reporters wondering whether she actually ever took a break.

The 51-year-old star collapsed on-stage twice during the concert, given as part of her „Sticky & Sweet“ tour, before resuming the show as if nothing had happened. In a video posted on YouTube, Madonna can be seen falling out of consciousness during the performance of her classic hit „Holiday“. She is held up by a dancer until recovering a few seconds later and continuing to dance as normal.

UK paper The Sun claims that the queen of pop fell over and passed out again after leaving the stage during „Spanish Lesson“. A source stated: “She refused to end the show or take a break after the Holiday dizzy spell. It turns out she’s suffering from exhaustion. She is anaemic.“

According to The Sun, Madonna was advised to put off her last two shows in Israel by a few days, which she also refused to do.

Of course, there are those who doubt the authenticity of Madonna’s collapse. Gossip website Popeater states: „In the video, Madonna can be seen slowing down – with the tempo of the music, mind you – and is eventually seen in the arms of a dancer supporting her. He asks if she is OK, and after Madonna replies that she is, the show goes on with a full-on dance.”

Popeater adds that Madonna was back in top form at her next concert in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and was even joined by her daughter Lourdes on stage, who also features in her new video “Celebration”. In the video, Madonna can also be seen getting up close to her new love Jesus Luz.

See the “Holiday” YouTube video here and make up your own mind.


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