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Was Clay Duke the victim of economic failure?


In the modern age of paranoia and over-security, the eyes of the world are more readily able to witness events almost as they happen. Yesterday, a terrifying event at a school board meeting in Panama City was captured by TV and security cameras and the videos are now doing the rounds on the internet.

Clay Duke is the man responsible for pulling a gun, firing randomly and eventually turning the gun on himself after a security officer wounded him. Nobody else was hurt in the “hold up” but the alarming truth is that the world is so desensitized to such things by media and TV, that when his actions are broadcast around the world wide web, nobody is altogether too shocked.

But what led the man to such desperate measures? Clay Duke, 56, had served four years in prison for aggravated stalking, firing a weapon, throwing a missile with intent to harm and obstruction of justice.

The motives remain unclear, but it is thought that Duke’s wife had been fired from her job at the school district. According to police, Clay Duke used the meeting to air his grievances about the poor treatment his wife had received, and argued with the superintendent that her job loss was part of a tax scam.

They reported that Duke entered the meeting room and sprayed a large red V in a circle on the wall (the V for Vendetta logo), then ordered everyone apart from male staff members of the board from the room, whereupon he began to fire randomly.  Nobody was hit by Duke but a security guard, former police officer Mike Jones, returned fire and wounded him, following which, as he lay on the ground injured he turned the gun on himself.

A bigger question hangs over the whole scenario and concerns the current state of the economy and its trickle down effect on the poorer sections of society. Clearly Duke had a violent history and was perhaps unable to find more constructive ways to settle disputes, but he was also desperate given that his family was reduced to a single income.

We have seen this kind of behaviour before, for instance when fuel shortages happened last year people went crazy for gas, with fights erupting on gas station forecourts. Many suspect that this won’t be the last of these types of occurrences given the lack of light at the end of the gloomy financial tunnel we find ourselves in, as more and more people switch to a survivalist way of thinking.

Was Clay Duke the victim of a crumbling society, or was he too emotionally unstable to cope with personal crises? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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