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Warding off the swine flu spell: Rupert Grint’s recovery


The British lad who caught the imagination of the world with the first part of the Harry Potter series has a million strong fan base that seems to be growing every single day. Appearing on the number 16 spot on the Forbes list of top earners under the age of 25, 21-year-old Rupert Grint has been able to carve out his own space even though the Harry Potter series revolves around Daniel Radcliffe.

Apart from starring in the hugely popular Harry Potter movies as Ron Weasely – Harry’s trusted confidant and friend – Rupert Grint has delved into other spheres of the entertainment industry and two of his movies, namely ‘Cherrybomb’, a gritty thriller, and ‘Wild Target’, a French remake, are all set to hit the silver screens this year.  The critics’ quarters have seen Rupert Grint as the new rising star that will probably outshine the other two cast members (Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson) in the decade to come.

Recent reports showed that Rupert Grint had contracted a mild case of Swine Flu while on the sets of the ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ movie and had to take a few days off from filming. Initially he was alarmed due to the increased reports of fatalities from Swine Flu but complete rest and adequate care ensured that he was soon up and about. Completely recovered from Swine Flu, Rupert Grint has begun filming and involving himself in other projects including voice over work for BBC documentaries.

Right after he recovered from Swine Flu, Rupert Grint got down to promoting ‘Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince’.

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