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Want immortality? Get plastinated


Controversial doctor and plastination pioneer Gunther von Hagens has brought the desire for physical immortality within reach.

The pursuit of eternal life is something the majority of us have toyed with and possibly even lusted after at some or other point in our lives, but certainly some of us have been a little more caught up with the thought than others.

Take Michael Jackson, for example, whose obsession with youth and immortality defined him. From his childlike pretensions and numerous plastic surgery procedures, to his quaffing the controversial ‘youth drug’ GH3 and discussions of having his remains cryogenically preserved, if anyone ever had a strong desire for everlasting life, it was the King of Pop.

Today the modern obsession with plastic surgery in our pursuit to hold off the ravages of time, to transform our mortal, aging bodies into perfect, youthful ones, has become commonplace. One need look no further than the world of celebrities, where the desire for eternal youth is fed in the form of a scalpel, Botox or silicon.

But alas, despite all our efforts to keep the signs of aging at bay, at some point our perishing bodies will fail, leaving us relegated to the underground or sent scattering with the wind.

At least those were our options until German anatomist Gunther von Hagens showed up. Dubbed Dr. Death by the media, he developed a process called Plastination, whereby the skin of dead bodies is peeled back to reveal a melange of muscles and tendons that are left intact and preserved by replacing water and fats with certain plastics.

And so, when the living body is no more and our days of plasticization at the hands of plastic surgeons have come to and end, those striving for immortality beyond death can receive a helping hand in the form of Plastination.

In an interview with German newspaper BILD last year, Hagens spoke of giving Michael Jackson the “gift of physical immortality,  something he has already achieved with his music.”

“As a plastinate he could continue to have his body shaped and changed as he did when he was alive.

“My plastination laboratory is the post-mortem beauty salon of the modern age. We rejuvenate bodies and remove bad things like puckered skin and wrinkles.”

In an interview with Hour, Von Hagens was asked whether he envisioned a day when we will have plastinated cadavers of historical figures or celebrities, and identify them? The anatomist replied: “Taking what we have done with the human body in the past, this will likely happen long after I am plastinated. This will not happen as skin-covered figures. This way the plastinated celebrities will represent everybone’s beauty. In life they stand up for themselves, in death they will represent us all. We are all Madonna.”

Von Hagens’ controversial Body Worlds exhibitions of plastinated people have attracted over 30 million visitors to date. Would you consider donating your body after death for Plastination? And if so, what would motivate you to do so?

If you are interested in becoming a body donor for Plastination, you can contact the Body Donation Office.

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