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VW and Audi score a touchdown at the Superbowl XLV


Sunday night the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers lock horns in the most widely publicised one-off sporting event of the year at the Superbowl XLV. The two heavyweights of the NFL will slug it out for the most coveted prize in the NFL calendar and the show starts at 6pm EST at the Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, Texas.

The event has a far reaching audience and is of an almost unprecedented scale, with merchandising revenue set to go off the charts, brewing companies set to cash in big-time and TV advertising at an absolute premium for the all day event.

The advertising space on TV during the game last year reached an incredible 100 million Americans, and more besides worldwide, and this year a 30 second advert slot will set you back a cool three million dollars.

And this year it’s the Germans who are taking centre stage during the commercial breaks as VW and AUDI step up to the plate for a slice of Superbowl success.

VW are using the force to push their all new Passat. A pocket sized Darth Vader rampages the house, desperate to move something – anything – with the force, but to no avail. Then along comes dad to the rescue in his brand new Passat, and as young Darth waves his hands in true Vader style the engine starts!

And next up is the all new secret VW Beetle. The commercial sees a black beetle racing through the forest leaving dust and all in his wake, the familiar stripes from ‘Herbie’ painted on his back. The ad is racey and fast paced, giving us a clue as to what we should expect from VW.

As for Audi we get a sneak preview of the new A8, a luxurious evolution if the ad is to be believed. They take us on a journey through a stately home packed with all the riches you’d expect to find; from chandeliers and French poodles to exotic cuff links and a curly chaise longue. Throughout the journey the narrator waves goodbye to old, out-dated luxuries, passing a Mercedes as the camera comes to rest on the new Audi. Cheeky.

The head of marketing and corporate branding at VW, Luca De Meo stated that with the Superbowl being one of the highest rating TV events in the world, the advertising space is premium promotional real-estate which the company are using to take them to a wider audience and create an emotional bond with the viewers.

The 60 second adverts have already been viewed over 5 million times on Youtube and the numbers seem set to rise further with the impending Superbowl XLV.

German viewers tuning in on satellite TV will be proud to see their nation’s progeny paving the way in the United States on such an auspicious occasion.

Please share your thoughts on the adverts or tell who you think will win the Superbowl XLV by leaving a comment.

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images:, www.audi2012

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