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Victoria Beckham's Bunion Bonanza

Victoria Beckham looking gaunt and gothlike
Victoria Beckham looks like she’s trying out for the next installment of the Adams Family. See what I did there?

Victoria Beckham returned to the UK over the weekend and immediately got down to the important business of high street shopping; albeit shopping in Marylebone Street. She is thought to be back in England to visit family and prepare for the forthcoming New York City Fall Fashion Week in February.

Her fashion design studios are located in the UK so you could call her visit to William Vintage a research project and her bags of goodies a glance at the opposition.

And the former Posh Spice has been busy in the world of glamour and panache having debuted her ‘Victoria Beckham Spring 2013 Collection’ at New York Fashion Week [NYFW] at which she received glowing reviews for her use of ‘ladylike silhouettes, sheer panels and vivid colorblocking’.

Of course all this time on her feet has brought its own set of problems in the past and in 2009 she underwent an operation to cure her bunions; a painful deformation of the foot at the base of the big toe which can be worsened by wearing badly fitting shoes and lead to nerve damage and loss of feeling in the other toes if untreated.

No these aren’t Victoria Beckham’s feet but her battered bunion skis aren’t much better.

Seemingly the painful growths on the balls of her feet haven’t deterred her from donning her heels; the demure star never seen without a pair, and one has to wonder how stressful it must be to have to be seen in designer shoes at all times. Surely she’d just love to slap on a pair of sneakers or big fluffy slippers to shlomp about the house; surely?

I can imagine her going to bed in heels just in case some paparazzi ninja sneaks under her bed covers and catches her feet as nature intended, such is the level of her paranoia in my imaginings (as evidenced by countless examples of her pouting and fawning).

These are Victoria Beckham’s feet. I told you they weren’t any better.

No doubt she will sacrifice her ability to walk in future in order to look glamorous in the present moment and perhaps one of her designer friends will make her an orthopaedic heel so she can still look fabulous despite her deformed feet.



Bunions. M120/0098 Rights Managed. Credit: VICTOR DE SCHWANBERG/SCIENCE 


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