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Vanessa Williams assures fans that Eva Longoria will be fine


Vanessa Williams, co-star and friend of Eva Longoria has assured Desperate Housewives fans that her fellow TV star is coping well and recovering steadily after her recent marital traumas, and she described the demure Latina as a “survivor.”

Longoria hit the headlines last month and shocked fans when she filed for divorce from her three year husband Tony Parker.  She cited irreconcilable difference as the grounds for her decision to separate from the basketball star.

Much speculation arose concerning an alleged affair between Parker and Erin Barry, the wife of his former team mate Brent Barry, although along with reports of a similar incident just after their marriage, nothing has as yet been confirmed.

Williams is convinced her good friend is moving in the right direction by working through her difficulties and she’s confident Longoria will be back to her usual self in no time, putting the crisis firmly behind her.

In an interview on The Talk, Williams said, “We just spent the whole day shooting on Tuesday, and you know, she’s really doing well. She thanks you for all your prayers. She’s a survivor and she’s a beautiful, talented, wonderful woman and she will find someone else when she’s ready.

“She’s gonna be fine, we love her.”

Williams has also stated that she carefully studied public reaction to the news and that she was intrigued by their responses when they realised that the lives of the rich and famous celebrity world are not so imperfectly different to their own.

“It’s fascinating to see how people say she’s got it all: she’s gorgeous, she’s an entrepreneur, she has her own restaurant, she can cook, she’s a mogul, and then there’s a component to her life that is normal and flawed and unhappy, you know, so the grass isn’t always greener.”

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