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Uma Thurman battled depression behind closed doors


‘Kill Bill’ star Uma Thurman has been in the public eye for her confessions on depression and self-loathing. In 2006, she confessed that despite her successful film career, depression hounded her life, which shook her up completely. Uma said she had a lot to deal with after her two divorces, from Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke. “My professional life was soaring but my private life was in ruins,” Contact Music quotes her as saying.

There were times when she was not satisfied with her career move and never appreciated what she did. Talking about her self-loathing way of living and unsatisfactory acting career, Contact Music reports Uma as having said: “I fell into acting and a life that didn’t give me the feeling I was doing anything substantial or meaningful. Even when I was starring in big films and receiving a lot of attention I kind of dismissed it as celebrity worship.”

Uma, after the pain of two divorces, says she wants to spend some quality time with her kids so as to offer them good parenting. “I love acting. Truly, it is the first love of my life,” quotes her as saying. “But I am thinking of becoming a stay-at-home mother. I’m not getting married. For any human, a partner that you trust is invaluable and the partners that I trust most are my children.”

While the causes for depression could be numerous, it seems Uma’s depression was triggered after her two divorces.  Even her flourishing Hollywood career could not atone for her hidden pain of loneliness and helplessness. Whether she underwent treatment or took medication to treat her depression is unknown. She says she is now doing much better, and is happily accomplishing her responsibility as a single mother. “Nobody seemed to have any perspective any longer. Those were low points. But we got through it,” the Independent quotes Uma as saying.

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