Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea kills mother with 3 foot sword

Little known actor Michael Brea, who had a brief spell on ABC’s now cancelled “Ugly Betty” has been arrested (on Tuesday) and charged with the murder of his mother.

Police say that Brea was involved in an argument with his mother, Yannick Brea, and after a screaming match he stabbed and slashed her to death with a 3 foot sword in her home.

At around 2:20am police officers entered the Brooklyn apartment in response to a family dispute call, where they found Yannick Brea kneeling in her bathroom.  The 55 year old had lascerations about her head and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Michael Brea arrested for murdering his motherKelly also added that Micheal Brea was found in a bedroom holding the 3 foot sword.

31 year old Michael Brea, who also appeared in the movie Step-Up 3D, was arrested at the scene on charges of murder and criminal possession of a dangerous weapon.  He was taken to Kings County Hospital where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation.  Police were unsure as to whether he had an attorney or not and no phone number was listed for the address given.

Kelly’s report states that according to neighbours there had been a noisy fight, but as yet the cause of the altercation is unclear.  The neighbours also mentioned hearing screams outside which carried on into the building in the Prospect Heights area.

Gregory Clare, who lives in the same building told the New York Daily News, “I heard this wild screaming,” and repeated shouts of, “‘Repent, repent, sinner, sinner,” followed by, “‘You never accepted Jesus.'”

Police also reported finding a bible in the apartment.

It is still unknown whether Michael Brea has any history of psychiatric episodes but police have said he has no criminal or arrest records and there are no reports of domestic violence at his mother’s apartment before Tuesday.  Whatever triggered Brea he reacted in a most brutal, violent and merciless way.

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  2. You really want a comment? This fellow was just fine, and he was also a fine Christian. Sorry, but Jesus us VERY real, but a Masonic ritual could be a dangerous thing for a young Christian.He got the sword from the Lodge, because that’s where he became possessed.This was a demon, it wasn’t Michael. Ok, you asked.

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  12. It is pathetic how you lump Mr Sheen with murderers.
    It speaks volumes about your writings towing the party line of main stream media. That is why u r all discredited because you spoon feed us spun up news stories.

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