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Tyra Banks sued for featuring young ‘sex addict’


The Tyra Banks show aired its last programme in May, but all in not quite behind the scenes. The former model and her producers, Warner Bros. Entertainment, now have a lawsuit on their hands, which could end up costing millions of dollars.

In October 2009, the show ran a feature on sex addiction and interviewed 15-year-old Jewel Ciera Washington as a self-confessed addict. The young girl had responded to a call for sex addicts on the show’s website and producers later flew her to New York to appear on air, according to E Online. All this, apparently, without the knowledge of her mother.

Now Beverly McClendon is suing ‘Tyra’ and her network for $3 million, citing negligence and violation of privacy. The mother also claims that her daughter has never been diagnosed as a sex addict and that she “filed a missing person’s report with the local police department” once she realised Jewel was missing from their home in Atlanta, People magazine reports.

In court documents, filed on October 8th, McClendon states that the programme “was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles alike”, E Online cites. She is also trying to get an injunction to stop the episode from being aired in future.

Images: Steal Their Style on Picasaweb and Wikimedia Commons

Celebrities who claim to have suffered from sex addiction include singer Rick Springfield, footballer Ashley Cole, golfer Tiger Woods and actor Jesse James.

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