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Tyler Clementi suicide sparks celebrity support


On 22 September Tyler Clementi tragically took his own life after cruel room mates Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei allegedly streamed a video of him in an intimate encounter with another man.

The shy teenager, a Rutgers University fresher, turned to internet message boards in the days leading up to his suicide where he sought advice.

Other posts left by him were seen to encourage troubled young people with social difficulties, including a fellow student with suspicious bruises whom he advised to seek medical advice immediately.

Clementi was a sensitive and caring individual and his case has brought celebrity support from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Perez Hilton who have spoken out against bullying over sexual orientation in the past.

Columnist Dan Savage has set up a new YouTube channel called, “It Gets Better” to steer young victims of bullying away from suicide.

13 year old Seth Walsh was another victim of purported hate crimes which ended with him talking his own life as well.  Given the nature of Clementi’s death and the circumstances surrounding it, Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan says he is unsure as to whether there is enough evidence to charge Ravi and Wei for hate crimes, but that will be the case if conclusive evidence points to them targeting him because he was gay.   The investigation is still ongoing.

Celebrities who have committed or attempted suicide include Owen Wilson, Fantasia Barrino, and NFL star Kenny McKinley.

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