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Tony Romo's Creepy Wedding Video


We’re no stranger to over-the-top weddings having recently seen Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the  royal marital knot in London and more recently the conjoining of Prince Albert II with Charlene Wittstock making her the new Princess of Monaco, surprisingly in Monaco.

But according to a new official wedding video, the recent exchange of vows between footballer Tony Romo and Candice Crawford, took extravagant and cringe-worthy to a new level.

The lavish ceremony itself included 600 guests, celebrities such as fellow footballer Miles Austin and R&B singer Ashanti, at Arlington Hall in Dallas in May and included a ridiculous 15 bridesmaids.

The video footage uses the rather inappropriate I Will Fix You by Coldplay as a soundtrack and plays over shots of the couple preparing themselves for the wedding. Including shots of Crawford being marinated in make up and stepping into a tasteless homicidally high pair of crystal-encrusted platform heels that would look more at home on a pole dancer’s feet.

Stripper shoe - perfect wedding attire for a foot.

Romo and Crawford recite personalized vows to one another that may well have been lifted from a creepy made-for-TV movie aimed at suicidally bored housewives.

Later the pair slow dance next to a towering cake that reaches the ceiling.

Crawford wore a 100% pure silk satin gown that looks more cake like than the cake itself but which she describes as a ‘work of art’. Debatable.

The whole affair reeked of excess and poor taste. It’s all about excess and status and how much money has been spent and little about subtlety or quirkiness.

Eventually, the newly weds make their getaway in a vintage convertible Cadillac, as a firework goes off and the video ends with the words ‘Tony and Candice: coming soon.’

The five minute showreel was released and was then suddenly pulled from YouTube and is no longer available. Perhaps Romo had second thoughts. The video should have contained a viewers discretionary warning: look away if cheese offends you.

Just the 15 bridesmaids for Candice Crawford and Tony Romo

Tony Romo previously dated Jessica Simpson before meeting Crawford (a local TV personality).


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