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Tom Sizemore suffers from priapism


Tom Sizemore has been embroiled in many scandals. He has been convicted of assault and battery, suffered from drug addiction and been engaged to Hollywood’s most famous madam Heidi Fleiss.

The Saving Private Ryan actor has also been the star for an adult video called The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal.

In the video, the self-professed sex addict says he suffers from priapism – a condition whereby the sufferer gets often painful erections lasting for hours at a time. These do not necessarily occur as a result of sexual arousal and do not subside after climax. The blood in the penis becomes trapped and cannot return into circulation, according to the NHS.

Tom Sizemore suffered from drug and sex addiction and priapism

Yet the condition does not seem to have spoiled Sizemore’s sexual appetite. In the adult film, the now 45-year-old is shown having sex with up to 4 young women at a time and even claims to have bedded socialite Paris Hilton when she was just 19 years old.

“She knew what she could do to people,” he claims, according to Contact Music. After showing him a good time, the heiress allegedly gave a cold goodbye and made a quick exit.

Priapism can affect men of all ages, including newborn babies. It can sometimes be caused by by blood conditions such as sickle-cell anemia and injuries, but has also been linked to alcohol and illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, the NHS reports.

Other celebrities who have suffered from sex addiction include golfer Tiger Woods, singer Mark Owen and actor Jesse James.

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