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Tom Cruise was conscious about his bad teeth


Tom Cruise’s may be the epitome of the Hollywood smile, but the star’s teeth have not always been perfect.

In fact, Cruise was once so conscious of his chops that he refused to have his photo taken, according to his once co-star Patrick Swayze . The pair starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s film The Outsiders in 1983, Sky News reported, when they were both still unknown actors.

Swayze’s memoirs were published just a few months after the Dirty Dancing star died of pancreatic cancer and reveal that Cruise was so uncomfortable with the state of his teeth that he declined invitations to appear in magazine shoots.

Of course, his shyness dwindled with success. Top Gun catapulted Cruise into Hollywood’s elite and made him into a worldwide heartthrob. With extra incentive and plenty of cash, the star invested in a glamorous set of pearly whites, which he still confidently sports today.

But even teeth as good as that require their fair share of maintenance. In 2002, Tom Cruise’s publicist silenced rumours by confirming that the actor had indeed been making extra trips to the dentist, according to People.

“Yes, Tom Cruise has braces — I don’t know what else to say,” Pat Kingsley told Reuters. The braces were due to stay on for “year or so . . . He’ll take them off for movies. To him, it’s no big deal.“

The Mission Impossible star had apparently embarked upon the treatment after a trip to the orthodontist with one of his children revealed that the then 39-year-old’s teeth were out of allignment. Cruise reportedly wore see-through braces with only the single wire strung over his upper teeth clearly visible. He showed off his fantastic new smile at the premier of The Last Samurai in 2003.

Another celebrity who has invested in getting her teeth fixed is actress Demi Moore

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