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Tom Brady tries to conceal limp following foot injury


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was spied limping slightly after practice on Friday. Brady was hounded by reporters in his locker room, who claim that the star was favouring his right leg while he walked, but tried not to make it obvious, NESN reports.

The Boston Herald’s Ian Rapoport wrote on his blog that he already saw Brady struggling on the pitch and later commented that his foot hadn’t been amputated yet. “Not yet,” Brady replied.

He then took a break from packing up for the weekend to say: “I’m ready to play these guys.”

NESN points out that Brady may be more media savvy than we thought. After politely declining to comment on the issue, the player confidently walked out of the locker room as if nothing was the matter. Then, when attention was diverted to wide receiver Wes Welker, whose locker is opposite Brady’s, the star reportedly came back into the room, limping noticeably.

This so-called ‘poker walk’ has fooled no one it seems, although it has caused some confusion. NESN states that Brady had gone through stretches of time within the last two days when he has looked as if nothing was the matter at all. But, Friday’s display seems to say that he is still experiencing pain and not fully healed from his injury.

According to Football News Now, Brady missed his first practice of the season on Wednesday when he sat out due to a strained foot. He later re-joined the team for the rest of the week’s sessions.

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Images: Wikimedia Commons

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