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Tiger Woods sex impersonator gets a lawyer on board


Teneal Goyco, the man who claims he was paid $1,000 to impersonate Tiger Woods in a sex tape with porn star Devon James, has hired a lawyer and says he will take legal action if the tape is sold as genuine footage.

Goyco told RadarOnline that James and her husband got him to dress up like the golfer for the sex session and that he was misled into believing that that tape was for private use: “I was told to pretend I was Tiger Woods to fulfill her (Devon’s) fantasy, so I did what I was asked.

“She said it was her fantasy to sleep with Tiger Woods. I thought the tape was just going to be for them personally, I didn’t know they were going to use it to make money.

“I saw it as an opportunity to make a few bucks and have sex with a pretty girl.”

James, who previously falsely claimed that Tiger Woods is the father of her nine-year-old son, has been branded a “pathological liar” by her own mother.

The claims made by the “Tiger impersonator”, combined with the fact that he looks nothing like the golfer and with the background knowledge that Tiger Wood’s former mistress has had some major issues with telling the truth in the past, indicate that it is highly unlikely that the tape is anything more than a sneaky scam to haul in the big bucks.

What do you think? Can you imagine that the philandering golfer would have even knowingly had himself filmed while engaged in a steamy romp in the first place?

Genuine or not, the 62-minute-long sex tape will apparently be released on November 15 through a website for $29.95. But now that Goyco is has employed the service of a high powered lawyer, it remains questionable as to whose pockets the money will be landing in.

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