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Tiger Woods puts an end to nearsightedness with Lasik


Pro golfer Tiger Woods underwent Lasik surgery after his long tryst with nearsightedness. According to, Tiger was a -11, which according to them, “is in the worst one percent of those with nearsightedness”. Prior to the operation his vision was 20/15 with contacts, and the goal of the procedure was to make his vision 20/15 without contacts.

His surgeon, Dr. Whitten, according to, said: “He had what I call ‘counting fingers vision’. He could only count my fingers a foot from his face.”

Eventually Tiger sought help after noticing his vision was becoming worse, which affected his game.

“For years I dealt with the hassles and frustrations of glasses and contacts. Then, I made the decision that changed my life,” TLC vision quotes the star as saying. “As a professional golfer my eye sight was just too important to risk.”

He underwent Lasik surgery in October 1999. Tiger said he wasn’t so sure about having the procedure done at first. quotes the athlete as saying: “I was apprehensive, just like anyone else would be when their vision is going to be altered, but I was prepared, because I researched everything, and I had a lot of faith in Dr. Whitten.”

After the successful eye correction, Woods was paid $2 million, according to, to endorse TLC, the center where he had the procedure done. Tiger also won the first five consecutive tournaments after he had Lasik.

According to, Tiger began to notice his vision failing again after eight years. “My vision started slipping,” he said. He underwent his second Lasik procedure in 2007.

Now Tiger says life is much better being able to see clearly. And despite the second Lasik procedure being risky (the FDA has not approved Lasik reoperations, reports), he is happy he did it.

“I know what it’s like to see 20/20. And trust me, life is much better when you see it clearly.”

Other celebrities who have had Lasik include Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt.


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