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Thylane Lena-Rose blondeau: Vogue's 10-year-old model causes public outrage


With the increase in the ‘nanny state’ approach to society and the continued stepping up of extreme security measures at airports, on the internet and in general everyday policing, it’s incredible that Vogue magazine have managed to slip a sexed up 10-year-old model through the net and in doing so rouse complete contempt in the public eye, added further anxiety to the minds of those with eating disorders while fuelling paedophilic fantasies of the more depraved social elements in one fell swoop.

With so much controversy surrounding the Vatican last year amid rumours and accusations of child abuse and paedophilia, and the recent scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch and his phone tapping exploits at the News of the World, you might think that society deserves a break from underhanded, exploitative media.

Cue 10-year-old Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, daughter of former French footballer Patrick Blondeau and French TV presenter Veronika Loubry, who is one of the hottest properties in fashion modelling currently.

Thylane has modelled in Vogue Enfants for a number of years but in January this year, Vogue took a step too far by publishing images of the child dressed in high heels, a plunging dress and full make up, aiming to give her the appearance of someone twice her age but actually making her look like a child prostitute.

The implications associated with such material are massive; dressing a child as a woman is denying her the opportunity to be a child and one only has to look at other child stars such as Michael Jackson, Drew Barrymore and Gary Coleman to see where that can lead.

Furthermore, with the dramatic rise of paedophilia in the last two decades, images like these will only add fuel to the fire and could lead to even greater desensitising among the public. Violent films, video games and certain musical styles have already lowered the threshold and we live in a world filled with violent and pornographic images which pass us by almost unnoticed, such is the extent to which things have decayed.

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As of yet neither Tom Ford, who edited the January edition, or Vogue have made no apologies or excuses for that publication.

Publishing such pictures could have a massive psychological effect on women with eating disorders, who, in many cases already aspire to have the body of a teenager, and the anxiety of seeing even younger models with formless bodies may well exacerbate their bodily issues.

One also has to question the motives and thoughts of Thylane’s parents. Both have made plenty of money through their own careers so if they’re using their daughter as a form of cash calf then greed truly has overridden their sense of taste, decency and core parental instincts – to protect.

They need to understand the ramifications of exposing their pre-teen child to a world which harbours dangerous, twisted minds who will see her as an opportunity or a use her visage as a fantasy enacted upon another hapless victim.

Ultimately, Patrick Blondeau, Veronika Loubry, Vogue and agents alike need to ensure that children are protected from paedophiles, human traffickers and the porn industry by not allowing images of 10-year-olds dressed as 30-year-olds to be taken, let alone publicised, thus negating the risk of a rising epidemic and new wave of child abuse.

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