The Sarah Palin gaffe that led to death

When we elect a political figure it is with the hope that they are responsible enough to take care of us, the voters; the little people who keep the economy alive and our elected officials in work with our industry, business and family lives.

So when a high profile figure, especially one linked with the Vice Presidential position, uses a poster covered in crosshairs to symbolise the reclamation of key political areas, you have to wonder just how ‘responsible’ that individual is.

Sarah Palin’s latest act of utter stupidity has inadvertently (although some would argue the directness of her involvement) led to the deaths of 6 people and Gabrielle Giffords lies in a drug induced coma after brain surgery to remove a bullet from her skull.

The word ‘accountability’ is prevalent here. This is not a hate campaign against Palin, there are enough of those out there already. This is about the message her campaign graphics sent out and how she should be held accountable for the mess that has ensued.

Palin has repeatedly proven her ignorance while in the media spotlight and this latest episode indicates that she is either plain (anagram of palin) stupid, or that she doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. Both are equally deplorable qualities in someone supposedly looking after our interests.

Palin is a puppet of course, and the real powers remain behind the scenes, able to make the big decisions without fear of comeback. And all the while she wears the public face of her employers she too is there to be shot down for her crass lack of knowledge on all things pertinent to her job.

No formal apology from Sarah Palin as yet

While tributes and well wishes pour in for Gabrielle Giffords, Palin’s only move towards an apology was to take down the images of crosshairs from her campaign site.

The news media and websites are currently locked in battle over the integrity of journalism after many news sources tried to suggest that Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, which killed 6 and injured 18 people at a press rally, was done out of support for Palin. While it cannot be proven that this is the case, the real point is that her campaign’s language and constant talk of her political underlings ‘reloading’ could well have led to Loughner’s rampage.

Clearly Loughner was unhinged and the evidence of that has been banded about all over the internet throughout the weekend. He displays symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia which could well have been induced by cannabis psychosis, but those facts will come as no comfort to the families of his victims.

As for Palin, perhaps she hopes that time will bury the mess she leaves with almost every political step she takes, but if her career continues to ascend and she does ultimately assume the mantle of Vice President, it will only be because the voters ignored the vast amount of warnings she gave them in the run up.

Is Palin somehow responsible for Gabrielle Gifford’s condition or is she simply insensitive and ignorant? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Read more about the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords.


28 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin gaffe that led to death

  1. Sarah Palin ignorant? Duh! The fact that her ignorance is only now becoming apparent to some, is what really scares me.

  2. It sounds like you have your own political agenda. There is no reasoning with insanity. Anyone who uses tragedies like this to push an opinion is sick. We need to stand up together and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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  5. I think that Sarah Palin is responsible for the inflammatory rhetoric that she spouts so freely. I would like to know how she feels about this tragedy. The shooter is the guilty party but all the hate filled and inflammatory speech definitely has a part in this.

  6. A map with “bulls eyes” and “gun targets” along with using language as “reload” it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the inference.

    • What school did you go to to infer that a map on targeting specific congressional districts meant take them out with a glock.? So when Obama says, if they bring a knife, we bring a gun we are to assume he meant that literally, so watch out folks.I thought liberals were supposed to have brains and not take metaphors literally Maybe those east coast schools teach something different.

      • Your title is irresponsible and slanderous. There is ZERO evidence that Sarah Palin’s map led to anything except a media frenzy of epidemic proportions. It certainly had no part in the killer’s motivation. He targeted Giffords in 2007 before Palin entered the mainstream political arena.

        The leftist witch hunt and piling on has me very concerned for the future of free speech in the US. The lack of logical thought process and the inability to understand the use of metaphor has me worried for our continued importance in the world arena. This country has become so stupid the damage may be irreversible. Congratulations for contributing to the societal decline.

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  8. Although both sides do it, the political right has said many things that made a lot of crazies come out of the woodwork, especially during the last 2-3 years. And they do it with impunity.

    The talk of death panels, birthers, or sharia law has made for a nasty political climate. People like Sarah Palin need to take responsibility for their actions.

    Tell Sarah Palin and the right wing crazies that threats of violence have no place in politics.

  9. I think you people are sick arrogant hypocrites. Sarah Palin’s political add had absolutely nothing to do with this horror that took place in Tucson. All evidence shows this guy was a nut. But if you were honest you would admit this is just using a tragedy to score political points and demonize a good person like Sarah Palin. It is also obvious that Jared Loughner if anything was a liberal leftist and atheist. That would be quite a stretch to call him a conservative. He also posted a video burning the The Flag because congress was reading the constitution. Since the constitution and the flag is so precious to people like Palin and conservatives, it is obvious this pot smoking radical was a liberal left wing nut. I am also amazed at how you liberals were so ready to give that murdering Muslim doctor the benefit of the doubt and over and over said we must not jump to conclusions, but now blame someone who has nothing to do with this tragedy. You people are a disgrace.

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  11. Not only did Palin’s website have a map with gun-sight images over Democratic congressional districts (including Giffords’), she tweeted to her followers before the election “Now is not the time to retreat but instead to reload”.
    What more evidence do you need, that she is (at the very least) inciting violence. And to write this off as just some mentally disturbed person acting alone is mistaken, because the Tea Party rallies are filled with these people. In fact, the movement seems to go out of its way to lure them.

  12. Oh yeah this guy was a leftist that figures because the right has that standard LINE OF BS!!! Sure it is the left that makes targets with crosshairs over peoples names, it is the left that carries firearms in holsters to political rallies, it is the left that hold signs that say that if ballots don’t work then we will use bullets. TALK ABOUT DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When someone enters the political arena they need to have the intelligence and the maturity to understand there are people who are unstable and do take things at face value therefore when it is considered CLEVER TO COME OUT WITH TARGETS WITH PEOPLES NAMES ON THEM YOU ARE TOO IMMATURE TO BE IN THE POLITICAL ARENA. I DON’T CARE WHAT PARTY YOU ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This argument is utterly nonsensical given the evidence. Jared Lee Loughner is by all accounts a far-left Marxist, not a Sarah Palin disciple. They’re on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Loughner shot Giffords because he’s a deranged lunatic, not because of political ideology.

  14. What a remarkable bunch of left-wing political propaganda this article is ! ! !
    It is ludicrous to suggest that a “cross-hairs” or “bulls-eye target” web-page graphic sparked or caused the murderous rampage that left-wing nut-job Jared Loughner has done against a democrat is somehow Palin’s fault???
    This article & left wing writer is assigning politics to explain what psychology is meant to explain!
    This article (and it’s writer) are exhibiting yellow journalism and gross unprofessionalism of the worst kind !

  15. Although I absolutely agree that Palin and Kelly were reckless in their use of this rhetoric, and that this incident proves exactly why people shouldn’t use it, it would be wise to stop short of blaming her. One, we don’t have enough facts about whether this disturbed man paid her any attention, and two, she did not pull the trigger. There will be an endless battle of backlash if cooler heads do not prevail.

  16. This should not be about ‘Right’ and ‘Left’, so much as what is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. Fringe elements such as the Tea Party only serve to stir inflammatory definitions of what constitutes patriotism in the lower echelons of society.

    Sarah Palin and her supporters should be held accountable for this latest disaster, because polarized political agendas (be it left or right) always result in radicalism.

  17. To suggest that Palin is even remotely responsible for the murderous misconduct of Jared Loughner is yellow journalism at it’s worst! Assigning politics on which should be analyzed by a psychiatrist and not a jounalist is grossly unprofessional. This article, and it’s writer are politically divisive and totally inappropriate!

  18. I’m sorry, but all this blame-flinging is ridiculous. This guy was insane, and he’d been obsessed with Giffords since long before anyone had even heard of Sarah Palin. Anyone who’s taken the time to actually look at his incoherent ramblings could tell you he was no teabagger. It’s shameful that so many liberals are taking advantage of this tragedy to slander their political opponents.

  19. Sarah Palin might as well put herself in the congresswoman’s shoes or the judge’s shoes. Sarah Palin is an accomplice to murder because of her political statements. Can you imagine if this guy had reloaded his gun. How many more people could have died?

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  21. I think perhaps if we all settled down and became a Nation united in getting the country back as The UNITED States of America, things in general would improve. Constant bickering Right V’s Left is utter stupidity. Citizens are not stupid, we can see the glaring errors but can do little about it. Yes we need jobs, but there are no jobs as we have closed our factories, place that were once a haven to workers. Fair pay, health insurance and a job you could keep for years. There are people out of work that will never go back to a job. Happened in the UK, they called it, becoming redundant. Becoming redundant in your fifties is all it takes. After that it’s finding anything, no matter what.
    So come on readers, wake up, quit the bickering. Demand sense from our government-I don’t think we’ll see any for the next decade, however, we had better start now for the good of our grandchildren. United we stand…united we fail.

  22. The shootings in Tucson has spelled the end of Sarah Palin’s political ambitions.

    Her comments to Glenn Beck about “hating violence and war” after shooting animals on TV and wanting to bomb Iran exposes her for the blatant hypocrite she is.

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  24. Sarah Palin did not shoot the gun that killed these people. However she is not without blame. Have you ever heard the expression “incite to riot”. That is what her violent hate filled rhetoric is intended to do. At some point in time, all politicians and people with the power to sway the general public need to take responsibility for their words and deeds. Sarah Palin needs to step up to the mark and make a sincere apology for her “targets” and her statements such as “Now is not the time to retreat but to reload”. These statements and symbols are intended to incite violence. And the domestic terrorists among us do not need to have further reason to act given to them by an irresponsible public figure.

    • I agree with 9150pls. Palin did not shoot the gun that killed six people and wounded many more. However, her irresponsible rhetoric is dangerous, at best, and incites violence, in unstable people, at worst. Sarah Palin has no place in American politics. She is uneducated, uninformed and clearly not up to the mark.

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