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The rhythm of spirit: Anastacia and her triumph over breast cancer


Stunning listeners with her soulfully edgy voice, Anastacia is often referred to as the ‘The Little Lady with a Big Voice’.  Selling over 20 million albums around the world, Anastacia has a huge fan following in the Europe, Asia, Oceania, South Africa and South America who avidly follow her every move. Despite the fact that she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when Anastacia was merely 13, she went ahead to master various forms of dance. An out and out performer, Anastacia regularly appeared on Club MTV during the 1990’s. However it was her performance n the reality show The Cut that earned her a record deal even though she finished second.

Born in Illinois in 1968, Anastacia made a professional debut in singing with the release of her album ‘Not That Kind’ in 2000 which turned out to be a smash hit in 8 countries. In 2002, Anastacia was nominated to be a part of VH1’s Divas for 2002 along with the likes of Cher, Celine Dion and others, in addition to being selected to sing the official song for FIFA in the same year. In a very short span of time Anastacia had established herself as a singer to reckon with.

During 2003, Anastacia went for a regular mammogram that showed that she had breast cancer. Without wasting time, she immediately began to undergo the necessary treatment for breast cancer. After undergoing surgery and radiotherapy, Anastacia soon began her process to recovery. This turning point in her life made her aware of the millions of women who suffer from breast cancer. With the ambition of helping all those in need, she set up a project by the name of The Anastacia Fund which seeks to promote breast cancer awareness among young women.

Regular mammograms are vital to protecting oneself from breast cancer along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Through her active participation in benefitting women with breast cancer, Anastacia has made an immense contribution to the cause.

Other celebrities who have had breast cancer include Kylie Minogue, Cynthia Nixon, Olivia Newton-John, Ingrid Bergman, Betty Ford, Bette Davis, Sheryl Crow and Christina Applegate.

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